What We Do

American Pasteurization Company provides High Pressure Processing (HPP) to the food and beverage industry on a “pay as you go basis,” along with post HPP packaging and assembly services. We were the first company to offer HPP on a commercial tolling basis to the food and beverage industry, beginning in 2004.

HPP kills bacteria that can cause spoilage and food-borne illness, and greatly extends shelf life. Applying HPP to foods and beverages – rather than heat pasteurization or many chemical preservatives – results in products that are safe, have a much longer shelf life, and taste and look like the fresh products customers want to buy.

APC offers all our services alongside product testing and development, post- HPP packaging, packing and assembly, and direct-to-consumer shipping. APC can also help arrange co-packing, cold storage, distribution and transportation service, and can connect customers with trusted providers of packaging, laboratory services and consulting services at both our Milwaukee and Sacramento locations.

APC’s core competency is guiding companies through the HPP process from beginning to end. We do not manufacture any food or beverage product ourselves or sell HPP equipment – we focus solely on serving customers that utilize HPP to enhance their products. From the idea phase, through product development and testing, to commercialization, APC’s 14 years of experience allow for a made to order and adaptable approach to every product’s unique HPP needs. APC works with every kind of manufacturer, from food industry veterans to entrepreneurs, to create a customized framework for food safety and brand equity protection unique to every product.